27 November 2018


Rules and Regulations : Concours de Courts 2019

“Concours de Courts” is an initiative of the Master 2 Administration et Gestion de la Communication of the University Toulouse 1 Capitole. The organisation of this event is part of a professional project conducted annually by a group of students of this master.


Concours de Courts is a short film contest open to all image-enthusiasts. This competition aims to:

  • expose French and international short films ;
  • stimulate audio-visual and digital creation and to discover new talents;
  • encourage meetings and exchanges among film enthusiasts and an expert jury;
  • facilitate the distribution and promotion of all sorts of original works made by film enthusiasts for the general public;
  • develop creativity and critical thinking about images.



Paragraph 1 : Concours de Courts is open to all short films produced from January 1st 2015.

Paragraph 2 : The films awarded or broadcasted at public screenings last year will not be able to applythis year.

Paragraph 3 :Concours de Courts is a free and non-profit competition.

Paragraph 4 : The theme and genre (fiction, animation, documentary, etc.) of the shorts are free. The short film has to be suitable for all audiences.

Paragraph 5 : Works submitted must contain a title and credits and will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes (title and credits included).

Paragraph 6 : Short films must be submitted via a link Vimeo or YouTube, in the registration form. The filmmakers of every selected short film must provide their work through the following media: DVD + R or DVD-R.

Paragraph 7 : A same filmmaker can submit more than one short film to the competition; their works can then be grouped together on the same digital support. In this case, the filmmaker will have to fill a registration form for each short film.

Paragraph 8 :French subtitles are mandatory for foreign language short films.



The submission period begins on December 3rd, 2018 and will last until February 3rd, 2019 at midnight. Applications include the registration form completed and the acceptation of Rules and Regulations.



Paragraph 1 : All submitted short films sent within the time specified in Paragraph 3 will undergo a firstselection carried out by cinema enthusiasts. A second selection will take place in different screening rooms in Toulouse, where the public will be able to vote directly. After those two preselection phases, about 25 chosen shorts will compete in front of the professional jury during the closing ceremony.

Paragraph 2 : The list of short films that will be part of the official selection and the release date will be published on the website of Concours de Courts (www.concoursdecourts.com).



Paragraph 1 : A “Concours de Courts” label will be awarded to all selected short films. It aims to makethe works’ promotion and distribution easier in order to create and develop better collaboration opportunities, especially in the Toulouse area.

Paragraph 2 : Only copyrights holders may, if they will, take advantage and use the “Concours de Courts” label and logo for promoting their short film(s). Graphic elements will be available on the website (www.concoursdecourts.com).



Paragraph 1: The jury is composed of a President and a maximum of six members; they can be audio-visual professionals, personalities of the Midi-Pyrénées region and beyond, representatives of various formations, organizations and/or associations of the film audio-visual and cultural industry. The list presenting the members of the jury will be published on the website (www.concoursdecourts.com).

Paragraph 2 :  Decisions are taken by the majority of the jury members. In case of equality, the President’s voice is decisive.



Paragraph 1 : The four Jury Prizes and the Audience Award (along with concluded partnerships) will be published on the website at www.concoursdecourts.com. The Audience Award winner will also receive a prize.

Paragraph 2 : Prizes must be collected within 30 days after the closing ceremony, by addressing theorganizing team. Beyond this period, unclaimed and/or not collected prizes will be the property of Concours de Courts (Réseau Com Association).

Paragraph 3 : The prizes of the three best short films and the Audience Award will be conferred during the Award Ceremony in the presence of the public, the jury and the press, in a venue in the city of Toulouse. The exact dates of the competition and the date of the Award Ceremony will be announced on the website www.concoursdecourts.com.



Paragraph 1 : An Audience Award will be assigned to the short film that will receive the highest numberof votes during the public projections.

Paragraph 2 : This prize will be awarded in relation to a card listing all the selected short films. At the end of the screening, each viewer will put a mark next to the film he or she prefers. Every viewer will receive this card at the entrance of the screening room. The counting of votes will take place after the public screenings taking place at the University Toulouse 1 Capitole. The name of the Audience Award winner will be announced at the closing ceremony where the prize will be awarded.



Paragraph 1 : By participating to the competition, the filmmaker authorises Concours de Courts to reproduce and represent their audio-visual work for the exclusive use of Concours de Courts. The reproduction rights include:

  • The right to reproduce and/or subcontract the replication of their work by any known or not yet know technical process (especially via recording, memorizing…), on any device or format (especially magnetic, digital, electronic…). According to the copyright assignment, Concours de Courts can set the number of copies to be reproduced, the supports, the format by any current or future attachment methods ;
  • The right to reproduce their film for the purposes of sharing it: the film downloading, its storage or any temporary attachment that involves digital transmission and distribution of the work on the network, regardless of its format and the technical process used. Rights regarding screening includes:
  • Right to publicly screen all or parts of the work at the occasion of the screening nights or the Award Ceremony ;
  • Right to index, class, and add the film in a database ;
  • Right to display visual and/or sound extracts from the short film on all communication medium of Concours de Courts, subject to the filmmaker’s moral rights ;
  • Right to post online extracts of the films ;
  • Right to keep a copy of all submitted movies in order to create an archive, available for this year’s partners and sponsors ;
  • Right to produce a DVD copy of the short films awarded at the end of Concours de Courts 2018, and to broadcast it to the partners who financed this year’s edition, for private use.

Paragraph 2: These rights are assigned for the purposes of the initiative only and for the duration of one year starting from the date of the signature of the Rules and Regulations form. The organising teams of the following editions of Concours de Courts will be entitled to contact former participants to extend this authorisation. Concours de Courts will not use these rights for a different purpose prior authorisation of the fimmakers.

Paragraph 3 : The filmmaker certifies that their short film is original and that he or she holds thecopyrights referring to it. As regards the adaptation of literary works not dealt by the public domain or the use of images from audio-visual archives, the filmmaker will have to provide all necessary indications regarding the permissions they did or did not obtain.

The filmmaker certifies that their work does not have illegal content, especially when it comes to rules regarding forgery. SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) clearly states that the filmmakers who have used music tracks from recordings sold in the business industry – whether they are musical illustration records or personal recordings – must have previously obtained the due authorisation, according to the legislation concerning copyright. The filmmakers must tell, on the one hand, weather the original music tracks are subject to copyright and if they hold a copyright license and, on the other hand, if they have previously obtained the authorisation to use the music incorporated in their movie soundtrack. (see Registration document).

In case of a negative answer concerning authorisations, the filmmaker is liable and ensures a peaceful enjoyment of the assigned rights should there be any appeal instituted by a copyright collecting agency in the event of the short film broadcasting during Concours de Courts.


Paragraph 1 : In case of problems beyond the the organisers’ control, Concours de Courts holds the right to cancel or make any appropriate changes to the dates, venues, programmes or organisation procedures of Concours de Courts and/or the Awards Ceremony and the public screenings.

Paragraph 2 : The students association of the Master AGCOM, Réseau Com represents the organising team for any legal or financial acts related to Concours de Courts.

Paragraph 3 : Concours de Courts’s mailing address is:



Bureau 317 Université Toulouse 1 Capitole

2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty


Paragraph 4 : Composition of the organising team for the edition 2018/2019:

  • Philippine DEMARCY
  • Manon GALIANA
  • Julie GUYOT
  • Tiphaine LE DIOURON
  • Pierre LUCE
  • Gabriela MATOS

Paragraph 5 : According to Art.27 of the French Law n. 78-17 (Loi informatique et liberté), participants will have a right to access to, modify and cancel their personal data by writing to the Organising Association Address:

Réseau Com Université Toulouse 1 Capitole

Place Anatole France

31042 Toulouse Cedex 9

Paragraph 6 :  Concours de Courts is a registered trademark.

Paragraph 7 : By participating in Concours de Courts, the participants accept to respect these Rules and Regulations.

Paragraph 8 : All disagreements arisen from the execution or from the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations and all dispute that cannot be solved by mutual agreement between the parties will be submitted to the French law and to the discretion of the Toulouse court.


Master 2 AGCOM 

CONCOURS DE COURTS Idetcom – Bureau 317

Université Toulouse 1 Capitole

2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty

31042 TOULOUSE Cedex 9