Les courtes de l’équipe #4 | Short Top 5

For Christmas holidays, I have made a selection of five short films. They are five representative shorts that match perfectly with the current atmosphere: I am finally home, in Italy with my Italian family, we can see the snow on the Alps but it is nice and warm inside, with the fireplace crackling every now and then.

After a generous slice of the most finger-licking panettone, after a little cup of homemade espresso, we are ready to watch my list of short films! And you? Try it, and let me know what you think! Buona visione!

#5 – The sad one

To open my list, I propose you The Answers by Michael Goode and Daniel Lissing: right after his death due to a car crash, the victim gets to know the answers to every possible question that pops in his mind. What would you want to know?

#4 – The funny one

We might need to cheer up after the first short! So, why not watch The Gunfighter by Eric Kissack? We find ourselves in a classic western atmosphere, guided by a deep narrator’s voice (Nick Offerman’s). The whole scene takes place in a saloon, where the gunfighter and the other characters are able to hear the bloodthirsty narrator’s voice.

#3 – The motivational one

This is the longest short film on my list: 20 minutes. At number three, I place The Butterfly Circus directed by Joshua Weigel. It tells Will’s story, a limbless man who works for a circus, where he is presented as a freak, he is insulted and everyone makes fun of him. One day Will meets the owner of the Butterfly Circus, Mr. Mendez, who has a different idea of circus and will help Will finding his joie de vivre.

#2 – The one from my childhood

When I hear “short films”, this is exactly what I think about! It is probably the very first short I have seen in my life. At position number two I place Geri’s Game, a 1997 computer-animated short film made by Pixar, written and directed by Jan Pinkava. We get to know Geri, an elderly man who plays a game of chess against himself. He moves to the other side of the chessboard and changes personality while becoming each of the players in turn.

#1 – L’italiano

This is an old one (1999), but always good and current, a light way to present a deep and heavy topic. In Piccole cose di valore non quantificabile, by Paolo Genovese, we meet a frightened girl who is pressing charges against someone who has stolen all her dreams. I absolutely recommend it! I hope you like my selection! I also seize this moment to wish you all a happy 2018, full of happiness, kindness, serenity… and great shorts! Buon anno!

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