19 November 2017

The Competition

séance de projection, le public

Founded in 2003, Concours de Courts is an international cultural event that puts the spotlight on a film format that does not always receive the same attention as feature length movies. This is an event dedicated to short films.

More than a simple contest, this event offers cinema enthusiasts, students and a large public the opportunity to discover the international short films in competition through several film screenings in the city of Toulouse. Not least, it is also the annual occasion for film professionals and enthusiasts to exchange and share their interest for the seventh art.


Concours de Courts 2019 step by step     

  1. Call for Entries – from Dec. 3rd 2017 to Feb. 3rd 2019

  • National and international film enthusiasts and professionals are invited to submit their short films
  • Participants send their film(s)


  1. Short film preselection: starting from Feb.  2019

  • Shorts undergo a first selection carried out by a jury of about thirty movie enthusiasts and experts


  1. Public screenings: 2nd & 7th April 2019

  • 2 screening events for the preselected short films
  • Public voting for the best shorts
  • Election of the “court de cœur” (the audience’s choice)

  1. Closing Ceremony: 26th April 2019

  • Screening of the best short films of the 2019 edition
  • The winning films will be awarded by a jury of recognised professionals
  • “Court de Coeur” awarding

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