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Partnership area

Our partners

We would like to thank our partners for their commitment. The support they give to the distribution of short films, and more generally to the cultural sector, is indispensable.

Become a partner

Would you like to join the Concours de Courts adventure and become one of our partners?

You can download our partnership file and contact us via the email address

Becoming a patron

According to the decree of 6 January 1989 on economic and financial terminology, sponsorship is :

” The material support given, without direct counterpart on the part of the beneficiary, to a work or a person for the exercise of activities of general interest”

By becoming a partner of Concours de Concours, you contribute to the cultural enrichment of your region.

You are ensuring that :

  • Defend access to culture through a policy of free admission perpetuated each year
  • Promote and democratize short films, which are not often highlighted by popular distribution channels
  • Breaking the barrier between amateurs and professionals of the 7th Art through exchange and sharing
  • To promote cultural and multicultural diversity by opening the competition to the 4 corners of the world

From a fiscal point of view

Making a donation to us means supporting our action but also benefiting from a considerable tax advantage. Indeed, Concours de Courts is eligible for financial or in-kind sponsorship. It is authorised to issue a tax receipt for donations made by a company or an individual.

Are you an individual? You can reduce your income tax by up to

66% of the sums paid (up to 20% of taxable income per year).

Vous êAre you a company? You can reduce your corporation tax by 60% of the amount paid (within the limit of 0.5% of turnover).

For any further information, please contact the people in charge of the sponsorship department by e-mail: